Activate GTA Reporting Suite

To access the license screen after installation, open DBmanager, go to Utilities, and click ACTIVATION CODE. The  license screen will appear, prompting you to activate your product. Click RETRIEVE ACTIVATION CODE.

In the Activation Information form, enter the serial number and verification code that appear on product packaging in the appropriate fields. Next, enter contact information for the program owner in the OWNER fields; fill out the SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION contact fields if this information is different, or click COPY FROM OWNER to apply the Owner information to these fields. Print the form for your records.

Click RETRIEVE ACTIVATION CODE. The license screen will reappear and the activation code should populate the ACTIVATION CODE field. Click APPLY ACTIVATION CODE to license GTA Reporting Suite. Finally, click Close without changes.

Manual Activation

If you do not have Internet access from the GTA Reporting Suite workstation, send the Activation Information page to GTA Technical Support by fax to 1(407) 380-6080 or by mail to 3505 Lake Lynda Drive, Suite 109, Orlando, Florida, 32817, Attention: Technical Support GTA Reporting Suite Activation. When you receive the activation code, enter the number in the ACTIVATION CODE field and click APPLY ACTIVATION CODE to license GTA Reporting Suite. Activation code entry is not case-sensitive.

¨ Caution

Entering an invalid activation code will unlicense your product. See Chapter 6 Troubleshooting if your product becomes unlicensed.