Database Management

The Database Management section covers the utilities provided by GTA to manage GTA Reporting Suiteís database, GTAsyslog and DBmanager; the flow of data through the system, and how to set up standard DSNs for each of GTA Reporting Suiteís supported databases.


DBmanager provides a licensing interface, verifies installation success and maintains your selected database by performing backups, data purges, data restores, log imports, format conversions, reinitializations, unlocking and repairs. DBmanager also contains a configuration interface for GTAsyslog and LogView. Functions in DBmanager used by GTA Reporting Suite and GTAsyslog are covered in this guide; functions specific to other products are covered in that productís guide.

Once DBmanager is installed, select DBmanager from the GTA sub-menu of the Windows Start Menu. There are three tabs, or menus, where you can find each of the utilities required to manage the database used for GTA Reporting Suite.

Database Tab

Utilities Tab

Help Tab