Several steps must be completed before installing GTA Reporting Suite:

  1. Select, install and configure a database on a server machine;

  2.  Install ODBC driver on machines where GTAsyslog or GTA Reporting Suite will run; and

  3. Create two DSNs so that GTAsyslog and GTA Reporting Suite can access the database.

  4. If using the download installer for GTA Reporting Suite, install and run GTAsyslog first. (When using the Installation CD, the administrator can choose to install GTAsyslog with GTA Reporting Suite.)

Information Flow Diagram

Database Server

Select and install one of the supported ODBC-compliant databases. The database can be installed anywhere on the network accessible to GTA Reporting Suite and GTAsyslog; if the GTAsyslog or GTA Reporting Suite are set up on a remote machine, the database server must be configured to accept connections from that location. For a list of GTAís supported ODBC-compliant databases, see

ODBC Driver

The installed database will require an associated ODBC driver on GTAsyslog and GTA Reporting Suite client machines. (GTAsyslog sends data to the database and GTA Reporting Suite queries it, so both function as client applications of the database server.) Follow the driver installation instructions for your selected database.

DSNs (Data Sources)

After installing the database and the ODBC driver, create the two DSNs required for communication between GTAsyslog, GTA Reporting Suite, and the database. See the Database Management section for help creating the required DSNs.


GTAsyslog must be installed after the first three steps and be running correctly before GTA Reporting Suite can access the database. If using the Installation CD, you will be prompted to install GTAsyslog. When downloading software from GTAís website or using the separate GTAsyslog installer on the CD, GTA recommends installing and configuring GTAsyslog before GTA Reporting Suite.

GTAsyslog is configured through the DBmanager interface; DBmanager and LogView are installed with GTAsyslog. View installation notes at the prompt for late-breaking installation information about all three utilities.

¨ Note

GTAsyslog must be installed and running for GTA Reporting Suite to be able to retrieve data.

LogView requires Sun Microsystemsí Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Install the JRE available on the Installation CD, or go to for the latest JRE.